Chapter 334

Day 150 - June 8, 2012


Day Four. Wandering around SLC, with our knapsacks, touring and snapping pictures. Brigitte wanted SO bad to see weddings, and we saw 10! It was ridiculous! I swear, brides everywhere!!! After drooling over their dresses, we headed to the conference center and did a tour. I always love the view on the roof! Absolutely beautiful!

So super random! While we were in the North Visitors Center, we ran into Sister Kyle. It was hilarious to get to see her again. I have decided my favourite people on this planet are missionaries, and more specifically sister missionaries! The amount of Sisters we have met this trip that have talked to us are just incredible people!

This last photo needed to be shared. We went to the Church History museum and this painting was in the mini art gallery. Let's just take a moment and talk about this necklace. Mockingjay anyone? So similar! And when was this painted? In the 80s...odd! We met the awesome senior missionary in the art gallery. We talked about paintings with him and how we felt when looking at them. Such an eye opening experience especially since I am taking an Art History class this coming year! Definitely felt is was a little confirmation that I was making the right choice about school.

It was pretty disgustingly hot today. I may have gotten a sunburn... CRAP!! 


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