Chapter 333

Day 149 - June 7, 2012


Day Three. Played some badminton with Moffatts in the morning! Super fun! They have a court setup in the front yard and it's perfection! It was a nice relaxing morning. Awkward moment of the day: the oldest Moffatt (Xander) graduated from high school today! WHAT the what!????!! I remember this kid when he was this little scrawny thing wearing glasses, and now he's all grown up. It's so weird! I still feel like their babysitter, and to me they will forever be children!

Then we headed off downtown! I had an incredible experience at Temple Square. While we were taking pictures some Sister missionaries came by and asked if we wanted a picture together. Then of course we got to gabbing. We walked up to the temple and starting talking about missionary work. And for some reason I started talking about a coworker of mine that I have felt prompted should hear the gospel. After telling them they said: "Hey would it be ok if we gave her a call?" So let me give you a little background, never have I ever given a referral to the missionaries EVER! I've always been like "Uh, no" But this time I took out my phone and gave them her number! It was so weird! They told me they would call her and let me know how it went! The interesting part about all of this is that when my dad gave me a blessing before I left he specifically said: "Listen to the promptings you feel at Temple Square and follow them." Now I'm not jumping the gun and saying she will be baptized, I just find it interesting how Heavenly Father makes things happen!

After that we headed over and surprised a dear friend of ours who is serving in the Temple Square mission. Her face was absolutely priceless! We stayed and chatted for a solid hour and a half.. oops, but it was so great to see her! Then we were able to visit with Chance, who served his last few months of his mission in my home ward. He went home in February (I think) and only just found out we were visiting a day before we left, so we were able to fit him in! He took us to "In and Out" for an American experience, and it was pretty awesome! Nothing beats a cheese burger, especially when you haven't had one for over 7 months!!!!!!

Sometimes I hate visiting Utah because every time I want to move here. Then I get home and remember how awesome Ottawa is, and remind myself that I don't want to leave :)

Only two days have gone by and so much has happened!!! Loving this random spur of the moment vaca! 



  1. Heyy!! So I have totally been Missing in action, but I'm catching up, I love seeing all these pics, looks like you are having so much fun! :)

  2. awesome pictures! this trip sounds soooo fun! and i love your top and necklace, they are so adorable, i need to get a necklace like that, they are so cute!


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