Chapter 332

Day 148 - June 6, 2012


Day Two. I day spent shopping and mini hiking. We decided to get all of our shopping done in one day, since we pretty much brought NOTHING to wear. Seriously our suitcases were empty! So we went to City Creak and Gateway. Ok let me just get this off my chest: It is WAY too unfair for SLC to have two incredible outdoor shopping malls only 3 blocks away! Not cool!!

Once we got home, we ate dinner then the Moffatt's were kind enough to take us to Silver Lake on Big Cotton Wood Canyon. It was so beautiful! But slightly terrifying, we walked into a couple of moose. I did not want to go past them, but after some encouragement, and being shielded by a 10 and 12 year old all was well!

Day one was a HUGE success! Loving every second here!



  1. Ummm you are so skinny!! & pretty!! looks like you're having a great time :)


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