Chapter 329

Day 145 - June 3, 2012


There is something very special about being back on stage again. I used to perform solos at school, church  events and what not when I was growing up but I just stopped when I started high school. I'm not sure why I did to be honest. I continued to take voice lessons, but just didn't perform anymore. Let me tell ya I didn't realize how much I missed it until last night! It's weird because I have never in my life been nervous about performing. I thought that since I haven't done it in years I would be terrified, but it didn't even phase me. I excited more than anything! Backstage I couldn't stand still I was just so happy to be singing again!

My dad sung Bring Him Home from Les Mis. When Mark first approached him about it my dad was terrified. The thing is my dad doesn't realize how much an incredible voice he has. He doesn't get nervous, he is actually very comfortable on stage, he just doesn't like to be showy I guess. I can tell I got my performing non-jitters from my pops! My mom gets nervous for us ;)

Some Von Trapp children in curtains :)

The lovely Leisl played by my little dear Elise. And yes she is 16 going on 17 ;)

The singing Wagner family (Mom: Choir, Dad: Jean Valjean, Me: Florence, Andrew: Choir)

Elphaba the wise, Glinda the crazy and Florence the heartbroken

Such an incredible evening. Definitely a night I will always remember. 

Also let's just take a moment and talk about how bang on my costume was!!!!

A legit modest version of it! Loved it to death!!!!!! The biggest thank you to Mark for organizing this all, and arranging every number for a 25 piece orchestra, Michelle for making the costumes, Craig for all the props, Michelle Anderson for the makeup and everyone else who helped out that I forgot to name! It's incredible because the people that I just named all do these things professionally, and they did it all for free! HUGE HUGE thank you!! You are all incredible!

I'll have more pictures to come of the actual performances. One of the YSA has incredible camera, and took pictures of all of us while we were on stage! I can't wait to see them all!!



  1. I love performing too! I know what its like to miss the stage. I haven't performed since I finished my degree 3 years ago =(

  2. You look so lovely!



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