Chapter 324

Day 142 - May 31, 2012


This week has been a blast so far! The weather has been beautiful (minus the thunderstorm a coue days ago!) It's official, only 5 days until I am on a plane to Utah with the lovely Miss Brigitte Leger!!! All planned and ready to go!!

This is going beside the Bieber book :) I love my mom!

Letters from the bestests!!!!!

Avengers with pops and Andrew. SUCH an incredible movie! Too much gorgeousness in one movie. I can't handle it!!

Oh and this scene:


Hope your week is living up to your hopes!! Mine sure is :)



  1. dang your week looks way more exciting than mine. all ive done is school and work.
    also, whats so exciting about utah, did i miss something?


  2. I love the avengers! haha Oh, and I love the wallpaper on your computer. ;) I have the same one on my phone. hehe


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