Chapter 322

Day 141 - May 30, 2012


Today I was tired, so no eye makeup! Nothing better than being at work and not worrying about rubbing my eyes!

I just wanted to give a huge big thanks to all of YOU! That's right, my dearest readers I love you! Your comments and emails always put a smile on my face. Today I hit a milestone. Not only did one of my favourite blogs become a reader, but she is number 100!!!! For some people that may not seem like anything, but it's a huge deal for me! Not that I do this blog for a following, but I love that my little blog is interesting or inspiring in some way. I started this originally as a failed attempt fashion blog, which slowly became an everyday blog. I decided to not be structured, wrote what I felt like writing about and most importantly not be ashamed of sharing things! In a way this little blog has become my journal, and I feel even though I haven't met you in person, I am connected to you somehow. You have read things that are very dear to me, very personal and haven't been judgemental! You rock!!

Now I was thinking of doing something a little different. Send me some questions (rebekahannewagner@gmail.com), anything you want, and depending on the feedback I do a little "get to know me better" post. Also I would love to have some guests on this blog. I don't want this to be a one sided "blogship", I want to get to know you too!! :) E-mail me if you are interested!!

Also in other exciting news I was able to see costume for the first time today!! Here's a little sneak peak!!! 

Performance in only a couple days!! SO excited!!!!!

Enjoy your day! :)


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  1. Bekah! How are you still so pretty without eye make-up? Most people look so tired, but you can really pull it off.


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