Chapter 321

Day 140 - May 29, 2012


Today while I was waiting for a ride home from work (BAD thunderstorm), I wandered around Coles for a bit. And let me tell ya, I'm sure glad I did! Bought 8 varnished prints of Audrey Hepburn for, ready for it.. 8 BUCKS!!!!!! The first one is my favourite, so simple and beautiful. Then again, that is just Audrey all the time! Definitely framing a couple of these gems!!

This song just may have put Bieber back in my good books

Then again, there is no recovering from the musical vomit of his "song" Boyfriend. Hopefully every other song on the album is good. If not, I am sad to say I will not be purchasing it.



  1. I just stumbled across your blog and so far I adore it!
    Audrey Hepburn is my favorite....I watch Breakfast at Tiffanys at least one every other week but my boyfriend isn't too keen on hnaging her photos around the home.

    Annd thanks for posting that song by Bieber...I'v always thought his talent is so waster- good voice, wrong genre- this song sounds more like what I'd want to hear from him.


  2. argh "boyfriend" has been stuck in my head for a good 2 weeks now.
    those prints are a steal!!
    xo dana

  3. eek! sooo envious. i love audrey!!


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