Chapter 319

I finished readon Lauren Conrad's first novel yesterday afternoon. Jane and her best friend Scarlett moved to LA after graduating high school to get out of their comfort zone. Jane is interning for famous event planner Fiona Chen, while Scarlett is attending USC. They are approached by a producer, Trevor, from PopTV to film a reality show. Both of them snap up at the chance, but it doesn't turn out how they plan. Cameras following them everywhere, producers cutting scenes making the story look totally different, and gossip magazines leaking things about them. 
Typical girly, quick, light read. It was fun, nothing super incredible, just fun. It was pretty much just like watching The Hills. Predictable, but I really didn't have super high expectations for it. I'll definitely be reading the other two in the series.


Next on the list: Forgotten Garden. I am REALLY looking forward to this book! My parents and Andrew have all read it and I have heard nothing but incredible things about it! 

Well I am off to Stake Conference :) Have a great Sunday!


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