Chapter 317

So this year I decided to no longer watch American Idol. Ok that's a lie. You see Andrew and I have "our shows", and he was the one who also PVRed them, or reminded me that the show was starting. And since he no longer lives in the Wagner household, I just forget these things. But he is forgiven, since he has the freaking most adorable daughter ever :)

Now it is time for regret. Phillip Phillips (yes his parents were apparently drunk when they named him.. I just don't get it) is legit incredible! Such an awesome voice. Only down side is this song sounds EXACTLY like Mumford and Sons.. But you know what, I don't care. Music is music is music and if I like it I like it!

Yep in love.


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  1. Watched all season and loved him from the very beginning. He is exactly the kind of voice/music I love. I ADORE that he sounds like Mumford and Sons, one of my favorite bands!


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