Chapter 313

Day 133 - May 22, 2012


I just just JUST put down Invisible Things. Let me just take a moment and talk about my disappointment. Too many things made this book frustrating:
1. There weren't any chapters. If there is one thing I hate about books, is when they aren't chaptered and I have to pretty much read it in one sitting, when I don't have the time. GRRR!
2. The ending was SO random. I didn't even realize it was the end. Seriously. The last line, yes was super cute, and I love Sophie and Mikael
3. So many questions are roaming around my head! I hate with a passion unanswered questions.
4. What the heck was with Elsa?! Such a random character. I still don't understand what she wanted. 
It wasn't nearly as good as the first. Still a page turner, but that was just because there weren't any chapters...

Although I must say I L-O-V-E Sophie's makeup on the cover!


Well on to the next. This book will soon be forgot.


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