Chapter 311

Day 130 - May 19, 2012

 Day 131 - May 20, 2012


Yesterday was spent at the beautiful Montreal Temple! I love how only two weeks ago I was there :) This time I was the babysitter! The weather was absolutely stunning! Sunny, warm, and little Norah loved looking at all the plants. 

After we walked around for a bit, she gave in and fell asleep. So I went to the chapel and read the second half of Delirium. I must admit the first half of the book I wasn't super thrilled with. See I read Uglies LONG before this book came out and it's very, very similar! But only the first half. There were multiple times I was super frustrated with Lena. Perhaps this is a spoiler, but why the heck didn't her and Alex just stay in the Wilds the first time they went????!! They made a huge deal about how hard it would be to cross the border, and they just stayed the night! What the Abercrombie and FITCH!!!?? Kelsi can back me up on this, I actually let out a tiny scream of frustration! All in all, and really enjoyable read. Definitely a page turner! I read the majority of it in one sitting. Also frustrating, I put a hold on the sequel at the Library, and I am number 70 in 29 copies. You people better all read as fast as I can because I swear I need to read the sequel NOW! The ending just KILLED ME!!!

(even the cover is like the Uglies Series. Grrr)

I pretty much raided the library a couple days ago. Going to be reading like a crazy this summer!!!


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