Chapter 308

5 Songs you have to listen to for us to be friends (no particular order):

1. Featherstone: Paper Kites. Probably my favourite music video of all time as well!

2. The Honey Trees: To Be WIth You. I can't get enough of these two! Such a beautiful sound

3. Adele: To Make You Feel My Love. Need I say more. Too bad, because I am going to :) This is quite possibly my favourite song of all time, and Adele's version is just incredible!

4. The Temper Trap: Love Lost. Ugh this song! Obsession isn't even a good enough word. That red head, curly head boy is just too dang precious! So into and I just love it!

5. Hall and Oates: You Make My Dreams Come True.

And of course you have to watch the clip in 500 Days of Summer!

Let's be friends. SO go on, have a listen.


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  1. ok, so i've never heard the first two before, but i love them!!!!!
    adele is of course a classic must have.
    also, every time i watch this temper trap video i just die. its so great.
    hall and oates. you just can't deny it.
    also, i will neither confirm nor deny that fact that i may have or may not have attempted to learn the dance from 500 days of summer.



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