Chapter 307

Day 127 - May 16, 2012


GAH this face! Just kill me now Norah Borah. I can't!!!

I just finished the last book of the Agency trilogy. Oh my heaven above it was so good! All I ask is that James Easton needs to be real, and I need to marry him!!! Seriously, just a beautiful mess of perfection. I thought it was a trilogy, then read somewhere "The Agency series" so I then got my hopes up that there will be more. But after reading this one, I know for sure she will not be writing anymore. Sad day! I truly loved these books!!! Mary Quinn is such a strong female heroine, and I adore her. She seems so real, and is very easily relatable!


So my dilemma tonight.. figuring out what book to read, since I am waiting for Invisible Things from the library. Hmmm I am staring at my bookshelf as I type. Grrr slightly frustrated! I can't not read a novel for 2 days! It's just too long!!!!



  1. I read that two summers ago B, and unfortunately I do not own it.. yet :)


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