Chapter 305

My goal for a book a week is coming along. Even though I took a few weeks pause, I am at 18 out of 52 :) The past week I was able to read a couple to bring me back on track! 

I bought Tread Softly at Chapters back in grade 8, so a good 7-8 years ago! I haven't read it since so I thought it was time to re-read. I enjoyed it, but not as much as I remembered. It's a murder/treason novel based in the Elizabethan time. The only thing that aggravated me was the fact that you knew who the murderer was from the get go. There were no twisted turns or cliff hangers as to be expected in mystery, who dun it kind of novels. 


Next I read The Explosionist by Jenny Davidson. Very interesting book. I read it while traveling to around Maine. The book is based in the 1940s in Edinburgh Scotland. The thing that was so awesome about this book was that it was set in a time that never was. Let me explain. Davidson wanted to explore what the world could have been like if Napoleon had conquered at Waterloo. Scotland completely broke away from the UK, and England was officially part of Europe under France. 
Scotland during this time is suffering through an inner terrorist conflict, with suicide bombings going off all across the country. Sophie is a 15 year old girl attending a boarding school, who stays at her Great Aunt's house during the weekend. The weird thing about the book is it full os seance, medium kind of things. This stuff usually doesn't have a good affect on me, but I really loved it. Again this book wasn't much of a mystery, but it was SO good. I really recommend it. It's an interesting read, but I still really liked it. The only problem, not all the questions were answered, or so I thought. Apparently there is a sequel. THANK GOODNESS!!!!!! 


Next on my list in another Agency novel, The Traitor in the Tunnel. Once I am done that one I am hunting down the sequel to The Explosionist: Invisible Things.


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