Chapter 304

Day 130 to 135 - May 9 to 14 2012


Well I am back from a lovely visit to Ocean Park, Maine. It was a wonderful 5 days that were a much needed getaway :)

We spent quite the majority of the trip shopping at the outlets. I've lost almost 35 pounds, and gone from a size 12-14 to a 6-8! I'm still in shock!!!! Then we headed to the Marginal Way which is a mile long walk along the shore. It was just breathtaking!

About half way we stopped and ate some sandwiches from Saco Island Deli. This deli is without a doubt the most incredible place ever!!! I always get the Vermonter: Ham, swiss cheese, apples, lettuce and maple sauce on a croissant. SO GOOD!!!!

Then of course we also had to buy the white chocolate and raspberry scones. My mouth just waters thinking about it!!

I'm really becoming obsessed with coloured bottoms. I bought these tangerine bad boys at J. Crew as well as in green :)

After our littler break we continued walking. At the end of the walk is the cutest little township ever! Perkins Cove is just the sweetest little seaside area!

I really don't think there is anything more rewarding or relaxing then just being near the sea, breathing in the salty air!

Already counting down the days until I go back!!



  1. i'm loving all of these pictures right now and all of those outfits. great pants and love the last skirt.


  2. O.m.g

    How amazing are all these photos! & how even more amazing is your styling in them. hooolllyyy mollley lady, that pic of you with those beautiful coloured pants looks like it should be in a magazine, so beautiful!


  3. i love running the marginal way in the summer when i work there! my parents have a beach house not far from there and i believe maine is just the perfect summer getaway place!


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