Chapter 292

Along with a trip to Ikea, mom and I headed to Shoppers to purchase some new makeup! I have been wanting a nice, matte bronzer for a while now. SO I finally forked over the $36 for Benefits Hoola. I love that it isn't some heavy, dark colour. Nice and light, perfectly sun-kissed!!! Next I purchased a new mascara. I have only ever boughten drugstore brands before. You know what I'm talking about: Maybelline, Covergirl, Revlon etc etc. It's the only item in my makeup bag that isn't a good quality, so I wanted to try one and compare the difference. I decided with Bourjois Volume Glamour, and I am very impressed! Doesn't clump, has a really nice wand and is long lasting! 

Back in December I told myself that I would buy professional makeup brushes one by one. And months after that mini promise I bought my first two. See I have a load of brushes, but they are from Costco and I have had them for 6 years. Time for some newbs! And besides yesterday all Quo professional brushes were 40% off. SCORE!!!!

In the next couple weeks I will be posting a makeup tutorial using these products :) Stay tuned!!


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  1. i love ikea trips, so fun.
    however, i don't really do makeup, but it looks like fun.
    score on the 40% off brushes though :)



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