Chapter 285

Day 115 - April 24, 2012


After watching Hunger Games for the third time I have come to this realization. You can always tell who has not read or watched the movie but the "gasps" during these three scenes:
1. Cato killing the tribute from District 3 right after the food is blown up
2. Rue taking the spear out of her stomach
3. The Gamemakers changing their original rule change.

It is quite entertaining. Also entertaining is the fact that I always burst out laughing at this scene:

"I'm coming for you!!!!"

Baha oh Cato you just get me every time!!!

And as always I loved the movie even more! Possibly seeing it again this weekend?



  1. I haven't read the books but I did love the movie...I was probably one of those people gasping...lol.

    xo erica

  2. Great movie, it really reminded me of the Japanese movie: Battle Royale, but much more well done.


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