Chapter 282

I think we need to discuss Kate Middleton. Seriously what is with this woman? Not only is she married to the beautiful man on the planet (minus Josh Hutcherson of course), but her style is just beautiful!! If I was a thief I would find a way to steal her wardrobe. Just saying. 

For real it's not fair.


Friday I started and finished a book. "We'll aways have summer" by Jenny Han. It was areal cute girly romantic type of book. I didn't necessarily love it. I wasn't throwing my hands in the air with excitement. It was a good read, but it was just blah. Really predictable, literally I knew the ending by reading the summary on the inside of the jacket, but still it was cute.


JUST finished Hunger Games for the second time. DO I really need to say how much I love this book, oh heck I'm going to anyway. Seriously this book is just perfection! I read it for the first time a year ago and after watching the movie a couple times, there were some details I didn't even realize that were in the movie and weren't in the novel, or vice versa. Just little details that don't change the story line or my love for either of them :) 
Perfect timing since I am going to see the movie for the third time tomorrow :):)

**who am I kidding ONE HUNDRED STARS!!!**

On to Catching Fire :):):):):)


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