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Day 112 - April 21, 2012

Day 113 - April 22, 2012


This week I read 3 books. Yep 3. Well technically 4 since I decided to reread the Hunger Games. We were traveling for most of the day on Saturday, and I almost got through all of it. ALMOST. So tomorrow I plan on reading like a mad woman during my break and before bed. Rereading this novel has confirmed my mad love for this series. I literally can not even! GUKHJADNUKGBASN!! Suzanne Collins why did you do this to me???!!!!!! Every freaking time I read a Peeta line my heart just melts all over. I blame him for my high expectation in men. Yep. Thanks Peeta. Thanks a ton. The again since Josh Hutcherson is Peeta, it does give me hope that there are Peeta's out there.

But seriously I still love you.

Anyways back to the weekend. Way back in December my mom and I surprised my dad with a pretty stellar Christmas present. Amazing tickets to the Broadway play of WarHorse. I have seen quite a few Broadway performances, but I may say this one blew me away the most. Now Phantom will always be my favourite, with Wicked a close second, but this play was SO simple, yet visually is was the most beautiful, incredible piece ever!!! The horses where these life size puppets that had people inside them. They could trot, gallop, have people ride them, do anything like a real horse. I was just blown away!! 

Now I must say, as much as I did enjoy it, something happened in the second act. I have never, ever been sensitive to language. I know that sounds odd, considering my standards, but I just sort of became desensitized to it, which is rather unfortunate. Act Two was an incredible graphic depiction of WWI, which didn't bother me at all. What did however was the language. They had a couple swear words here and there, which I shrugged off, but then Albert shouted the Lord's name in vain. I felt so sick. Literally physically sick. We had paid a pretty price for these tickets, and it was a gift so I started to justify staying. Then a couple scenes later another character started saying over, and over, and OVER again. I looked at my mom and whispered: "What do we do?" Anyone who knows my mom, knows that she is extremely sensitive to language. I heard her gasp when they said the S-word earlier on, and knew right away she was uncomfortable. I was surprised that she hadn't said anything yet. She looked at me, and I knew we were in the same boat. We had no idea what we were going to do. Our seats were only a few rows in front of the stage, and our nearest exit was being used in the play as an extension of the stage. We felt trapped. Right when this was happened, a few cast members ran off the stage to exactly where we would have walked. Then the lights went dim while the scene changed. We got up as quickly as we could and waited in the lobby for the remaining 30 minutes that was left. One of the door men showed us to some chairs in front of a TV so we could still watch the rest of it. And then what do you know. They said it again. We had to go into the bathroom in order to no longer hear it. 

I felt a mixture of emotions. Guilt for leaving my dad by himself to watch his gift without us, and that I had ruined the experience. You see my dad is just like me (well what I used to be), doesn't even realize the language. We've just heard it so much it doesn't bother us. Bitterness towards Albert, because it was totally out of character. Embarrassed as everyone watched while I walked out. Sickness. I swear I was either going to faint, or puck, or worse... both. Sadness as I pictured how Heavenly Father must feel when His children take His only begotten Son's name in vain. But most of all gratitude. I rarely receive promptings that have that obvious an effect on me. This one smacked in the face, and I knew I had to leave. In my personal prayers, I always pray for experiences for the Spirit to guide me, and for me to be willing to follow them. This was one of many reminders for me that my Heavenly Father does answer my prayers.

As devastated as I was about the language, that didn't alter my feelings whatsoever on the play. What I saw was just extremely breathtaking. The acting, the staging, the horses, the lighting. Everything. So was it worth it. Yes. Not only did I get to see a beautiful play, but I also had an incredible experience confirming my testimony of the Holy Ghost. 

The two little lovebirds. Funny enough this picture was not posed. No lie.

The program

A couple hours before the show, we did some shopping :) Surprisingly I didn't go too crazy at H&M.

Skinny dress crops, a blouse, and 2 basic long tees

I can not wait to try this shampoo tonight. I may have to eat my hair it smells that good!!!!!!!!

A great weekend. We are all exhausted to the max, but it's always fun to have little family trips!



  1. Good for you my dear! My friends & I walked out of a movie a few months ago because of the language and 'girl stuff' - we were only a half-hour into the movie, too. It was a bummer, and I can only imagine walking out of a production like War Horse.
    The pictures of the program look incredible - it'd be great to watch a 'filtered' version of War Horse on stage!

  2. I've heard that that shampoo is really good, I need to try it! Love this post.
    Your blog is fabulous, really looking forward to your next post :)
    If you have the time, I'd love for you to check out my blog and follow :)

    Taylor {CoverGirl and Converse}


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