Chapter 274

Tonight my outfit reminded me of Inception.

I bought this cheetah dress back in October, but it was too short, so I planned on adding lace to the bottom. But finally after 7 months I was able to wear it. Pulled it over top of another dress and VOILA!  It's a dress, within a dress. Now do you get the movie reference?

Tonight was splendid. I spent the majority of the time in kitchen doing dishes with Kyle. Who'd have thought that I would have had a more enjoyable time cleaning dishes than I did dancing?! I know, I'm shocked too. I just love friends!! Especially ones you can joke around with, and sing along to the songs that are being played.. in harmony!!



  1. The dress looks great on you! I like the idea of wearing another one under it. And there is nothing better than doing dishes while singing, especially with a friend! Glad you had fun. :)

  2. I'm usually not an animal print fan but that dress is beautiful! And you look absolutely stunning in it, Bekah! Glad to hear you had a good night!

  3. AMAZING dress. I have been trying to find cute animal print clothes and you ROCK this dress! Love your blog.


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