Chapter 266

Day 101 - April 10, 2012


This week I started re-reading my second favourite series: The Uglies. I forgot how much I love these books!! I've just been zooming through them! Literally ever spare minute I have is spent reading.. or blogging about it.

So today I had the beautiful opportunity of going to see Hunger Games for the second time. And let me say, I cried, jumped, smiled and freaked out at the exact same parts!! I was able to notice little things that I didn't pick up on the first time. Like how the camera sort acts as Katniss's POV which I LOVE! Since we don't get her thoughts, as we do in the books, it's nice to see things in her visual perspective. Also why is it that every time Cato is staring at someone, who looks like he is undressing them with their eyes? I don't know, just an odd thing. He makes me feel dirty.. But I am still planning to see it again. Possibly Thursday night :D

Oh look another gif, who knew?!

All in all I am cursing while thanking Suzanne Collins for writing these books. They have destroyed, yet made my life at the same time!!


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  1. ahh i loved the uglies series!!
    and the hunger games?! ahhhhhh. i have yet to see the movie though :( hha i hope to soon!


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