Chapter 265

Day 100 - April 9, 2012


Sometimes I forget that I own this bag. My mom bought it last year and it keeps getting lost in the shuffle of things. When I was deciding what to wear yesterday it fell out of my closet pretty much saying "PICK ME! PICK ME!" So I did :)

Totes are the best. They fit literally everything inside, and are perfect for the spring and summer months!!

Ok now onto some Hunger Games. Yep. Again. Shoot me if you wish, but I just can't stop talking about it! I am going to see it again tomorrow night with Meana and Erica and I can not wait!! GAH! I bought the soundtrack last week and oh my word it is divine!!!!!!!! The only thing that sucks is that none of the songs are actually in the movie, but it kind of makes sense. I like that the only song with lyrics in it is Katniss's lullaby! I adore the entire CD, but these few are possibly my favourite

Shivers!!!! Goodness gracious!

And no post would be complete without some JHutch gifs :)

Yepper I love him. Hutch has definitely taken the spot in my heart where Biebs used to reside. And hey, he's only a year younger than me!! Definitely an improvement with the age difference between Bieber and I...

Well enjoy your Monday!



  1. girl, i saw that movie at midnight. i was dead tired and ready to fall asleep. but oh my heavens HOLD THE PHONE it was so amazing. it kept me not only awake, but quite literally on the edge of my seat the entire time. LOVED it. ain't nothing wrong with a little hunger games love!

  2. Ahhh isnt Josh amazing!!! Gah i cannot get over him lately :)

    Such a sweet blog youve got :)
    Amy xo

  3. That tote is so adorable!

  4. These photos are great! I'm new here... browsing around and decided to comment instead of lurk. :) I LOVE the look and feel of your blog so far- off to check out some more! Happy week, sugar! xo


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