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***If you have not read the Hunger Games, you should probably not read the following post. Don't want to ruin it for you!!!***

Let me just take up this entire post and talk about Hunger Games. Y'all cool with that? K sweet! So after weeks of waiting, I finally went to see it on Tuesday. And let me tell you as much as it was one of the hardest things to wait for, it was worth the wait!! Literally every single thing was perfection!!! They did a few tweaks here and there, and of course there are going to be haters, but I was completely cool with their changes here and there. The only thing I wasn't a huge fan about was the choice to take out the Avox girl. I really wanted her in it, but oh well.

I absolutely loved that everything was exactly how I imagined it. No lie. Ok maybe a lie. Both the Cornucopia and mutts were not at all how I pictured them, but then again you can't win them all. I imagined the Cornucopia to be a lot taller, and the mutts to be way shaggier and a more dirty blonde colour, as opposed to looking like large bulldogs.

Oh and one small detail that bugged me was because of timing issues the relationship between Katniss + Cinna and Katniss + Rue didn't develop as well as it did in the book. It felt really rushed, then again they only had 2 1/2 hours to work with, totally understandable. I loved that for a book that is a very disturbing and gory plot, it was done rather tastefully..? Is that the right word? I don't know, I feel it could have been way more disgusting, but it wasn't. I didn't cringe, not once. Not even during the bloodbath at the beginning of the games. With that said, it still made me cry inside because it is so sad to see all these kids killing each other, and seeing some enjoy it *cough Cato*

Casting. Oh my word. Genius. Literally! 
Liam as Gale: I can see him developing perfectly into the revolutionary in the third. 
Lenny as Cinna: played it so tenderly I am going to die inside when he dies in the next one GAH!! Stanley as Caesar: no one could have played him better than him! The laugh, the smile, the voice. SO perfect! Just the perfect dose of cheesy and over the top interviewing. 
Wes as Seneca: I love how we got to see that Seneca doesn't really have a specific side. He's with Snow, but he is willing to listen to Haymitch. And I actually felt bad when he died. While in the book when I found out I really couldn't care less. 
Woody as Haymitch: He plays a great drunk. I just wish we could have seen an exact moment when he realizes Katniss could win and decides to put down the bottle. It was kind of out of the blue, and not as awesome in the book when he makes that change. 
Elizabeth as Effie: She is officially hilarious. Effie is the breath of fresh air in the book, and Elizabeth played her to the T!!! The voice, the way she walked, everything!!! 
Donald as Snow: I can not wait for the next couple movies, because we just didn't get to see enough of Donald in this one. He is so good at portraying this loving president, who seems to care so much for Panem. And then you get the final scene where he just kind of growls and leaves the room. It's go time!!!!!!!!!!! 
Amandla as Rue: This little actress is going to be a real talent in the next few years. Her death scene was just incredible! I was so shocked that a 13 year old could be so talented. It's super duper difficult to act out a convincing and moving death scene and she was perfection!! 
Jennifer as Katniss: I became impressed with Jennifer after watching X-men First Class, but after Hunger Games I must say that she is going to be winning the Oscar for Leading Actress in the next few years because she is phenomenal. I just can't believe she is only 1 year older than me. WOW. I remember when it was first announced that she would play Katniss and there were quite a few people who were in an uproar. I hadn't seen her in anything yet, but I was sure she would play it fine since the casting directors wouldn't choose just anyone to play Katniss. Koodos to them for finding her, because I can't imagine anyone else playing her.
Josh as Peeta: Saved the best for last. I first fell in love with Josh's acting when I watched Bridge to Terabithia. I swear whenever Josh Hutcherson cries, the world cries along with him. No one else could have played Peeta. I don't think you understand, he is Peeta. Living, breathing Peeta. It didn't even seem like he was acting to me. He was being him. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing an actors eyes so full of emotion. Majority of actors need to convince me that they are the person they are trying to portray. Josh doesn't need to do that at all. Zero convincing. I didn't need him to prove himself. I can not wait to see how he plays Peeta in the final book. It is going to seem out of character, which is what it should feel like. Josh you are perfection. 

SO my overall feelings of the movie, is this:

and this:

oh and this:

And you know what, let's just drool over the outfits of the tributes from each District.

Can not wait to see it again this coming Tuesday. Oh and again, and again and again!!!!!

Oh and it is official, Josh is in love. Yep watch from 1:02 on. Yep. 


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  1. I seriously daydream of finding a guy like Peeta. hahahaha!!

    I totally adore all the casting too, they've done such a fantastic job! I think it's my favourite adaptation of a book ever.


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