Chapter 260

Day 93 - April 2, 2012


Conference weekend was incredible. SO many beautiful talks, but my favourite had to be President Dieter F. Uchtdorf. Let me repeat his two word sermon towards bitterness, gossip and judgemental thoughts: Stop it!! Love it :) Although his talk was my favourite, there were some really powerful quotes. Let me share just a few:

"Family time is sacred time which should be respected and protected" - Boyd K. Packer

"Bringing someone else down does not elevate your own standing." - Jeffrey R. Holland

"In the kingdom of God there are no second class citizens." - David S. Baxter

"When one is tone deaf to the music of faith, they are also out of tune with the Spirit." - Quentin L. Cook

I must add that I have come to the conclusion that I want my future husband to love me they very same Richard G. Scott loves his departed wife Jeanine. The way that man talks about his dear wife just melts my heart! 

Along with conference, we also celebrated a birthday. Since my dad was out of town all week, we celebrated his birthday 4 late :) But it was worth it. Mom surprised him with his usual desert: Black forest cake. None of us were expecting it since we are dieting, so it was a thoughtful treat!

And of course, since Andrew, Kelsi and baby Norah were over we took their very first family pictures. Norah was rather fussy, so Andrew and Kelsi joined her in some crying.

And that was my weekend in a nutshell. Hope you all had a great weekend :)



  1. I can't wait for Norah to be old enough to appreciate these photos, because they are hilarious.

  2. I second what Alex said! Those pictures are awesome! :)


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