Chapter 291

Day 121 - April 30, 2012


Today was a girl day. Mom, Kelsi, Little Norah, Danielle and I all headed to Ikea for the day. 

A fun day. And these were just little snippets! I tried something new and wanted to make a video. Hopefully I will have it all done in the next couple days :):)



Chapter 290

Day 118 - April 27, 2012

Day 119 - April 28, 2012

Day 120 - April 29, 2012


Yesterday was spent with Brigitte busing around town, shopping, clothes swapping, watching chick flicks, and of course listening to One Direction. After buying a few blouses, and being inspired by the lovely Alex, I decided to do a huge clean out of my clothes. No more over the top baggy blouses, and cardis. I have officially gotten rid of every piece of clothing that came from my "wanna be hipster" phase!

The "makes anyone look pregnant dress". Thank heaven above for belts!!!! A fabric baby ain't flattering!! 



Chapter 289

Last night was spent moving Andrew, Kelsi, and Little Norah into their new home. Literally only 2 blocks away from their old place, but it is HUGE! Their appartment before was livable and cute, but this is like a mansion compared to their old one!

6 hours unpacking and organizing the kitchen. We were so undecisive or where to put everything because there was SO much room! You could easily fit their old kitchen four times inside it. One downside to the new home, the cupboards are quite significantly taller. Step stool time :)

Also let's just talk about these necklaces for a second

I want the Finnick one SOOO bad!!!!!!!



Chapter 288

Watch it. NOW!!

Her first one is better, but has still a winner!!!!


Chapter 287

Day 117 - April 26, 2012


Tid + Bits

1. Starting a new book "Death Comes to Pemberley". Has real promise!!! I've been reading up a storm the past week. Read 5 books, now on the 6th! 

2. This song has been on repeat for 3 days now. Pretty much my favourite thing of life, Disney and Grace Potter! Stellar combo if I do say so myself!

3. I think I desperately need to go through my bags.. and my clothes... and my shoes. I have Monday off so hopefully I can tackle this stack of bags! At least organize it if anything!

4. I love notes from my co-workers! They are always all over our back desk. Swagner loves you girls!!!!!

5. Wore a pattern on pattern today. Wanted to mix it up a bit. And simply because you can't have too much pattern, I wore my cheetah infinity scarf as well! Overkill? I think NOT!!!!

And of course linking up to the lovely Alycia :) She's a gem. Random fact: Our brothers served in the same mission, and neither of us knew until months after we followed each others blog. Weird right???!!! :)




Chapter 286

Day 116 - April 25, 2012


A tip to all book lenders: Don't lend someone the last book of your favourite trilogy while you are rereading them. Yep. Just finished Catching Fire for the second time and I just want to delve right into Mockingjay. Oh wait what is that, I lent it to a friend who I am not seeing until Sunday?! Well this sucks!!! Then again I do have another book I was planning on reading, so I may as well just start that one tonight and finish it in the next couple days to keep me sane. 

This has been my evening. Catching Fire and drooling over little Norah. Like really?! This child is just going to kill me with her cuteness!! 



Chapter 285

Day 115 - April 24, 2012


After watching Hunger Games for the third time I have come to this realization. You can always tell who has not read or watched the movie but the "gasps" during these three scenes:
1. Cato killing the tribute from District 3 right after the food is blown up
2. Rue taking the spear out of her stomach
3. The Gamemakers changing their original rule change.

It is quite entertaining. Also entertaining is the fact that I always burst out laughing at this scene:

"I'm coming for you!!!!"

Baha oh Cato you just get me every time!!!

And as always I loved the movie even more! Possibly seeing it again this weekend?


Chapter 284

“When I’m not working, I am the laziest person. I can literally lie on a couch and watch television for 15 hours. I hate people who say, “Oh, I’m addicted to working out”. I just want to punch those people in the face.”

And this is why Jennifer Lawrence is once of the chillest celebrities out there!!!

Off to the Hunger Games after work. Round three, you may commence :)



Chapter 283

Day 114 - April 23, 2012


Since today it snowed, I repeat SNOWED, I curled up in my jammies and read for the night :) The snow was long gone by the time I got home from work, but I still wanted a night in. I prefer the term home body as opposed to couch potato thank you very much!

And you know I haven't posted one of these in a while.

I just want to cuddle your freaking face!! Oh and I must add: Holy ADAM'S APPLE! You're killing me Josh, KILLING me!


Chapter 282

I think we need to discuss Kate Middleton. Seriously what is with this woman? Not only is she married to the beautiful man on the planet (minus Josh Hutcherson of course), but her style is just beautiful!! If I was a thief I would find a way to steal her wardrobe. Just saying. 

For real it's not fair.


Friday I started and finished a book. "We'll aways have summer" by Jenny Han. It was areal cute girly romantic type of book. I didn't necessarily love it. I wasn't throwing my hands in the air with excitement. It was a good read, but it was just blah. Really predictable, literally I knew the ending by reading the summary on the inside of the jacket, but still it was cute.


JUST finished Hunger Games for the second time. DO I really need to say how much I love this book, oh heck I'm going to anyway. Seriously this book is just perfection! I read it for the first time a year ago and after watching the movie a couple times, there were some details I didn't even realize that were in the movie and weren't in the novel, or vice versa. Just little details that don't change the story line or my love for either of them :) 
Perfect timing since I am going to see the movie for the third time tomorrow :):)

**who am I kidding ONE HUNDRED STARS!!!**

On to Catching Fire :):):):):)


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