Chapter 257

For the past week I've been stumped. I literally have no idea what I want to do with my hair, but I want to do something!!! Both Kelsi and Brigitte got a bob and I was thinking, maybe I should get it chopped again. I loved having my hair short last summer, and it was uber cute. Then the more I thought about, the more I want my hair to grow out. I've have a number of different haircuts growing up. Short, long, front bangs, no bangs, side bangs. And I want something different, but not too drastic.

2010 - bangs     

Now - no bangs

Summer 2011 -  bob

Before the chop of 2011!!

Then the more I thought about, the more I want my hair to grow out. SO I started going the options: side bangs, fron bangs, side part, center part, dye.... dye? See I have never died my hair. EVER. Not one highlight has ever gone in. And I love my hair colour, so why would I spend the money to dye my hair, when people pay $100s for my colour.

Then Meana came up with a brilliant plan: ombre. Just fade it to a blonder dye on the ends, if I don't like it, it will be way easier to get rid of. She did her own last summer and it turned out great. So the date is set. April 14th. Ombre date with my twin. Oh crap I'm terrified...

Let's see if I actually have the guts to do it....thoughts anyone?



  1. DO IT! I'm excited for you to LOVE it.

  2. I definitely think you're on the right track! Take it from someone who's "knocked up" her hair wayyy too many times... do NOT dye your hair. Your hair color is gorgeous, but if you want to change it my personal opinion would be for you to go lighter rather than darker. Once you get into dyeing your hair it's really tough to get out of it!
    You're adorable with bangs, too - geez, girl, anything looks good on you! :)


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