Chapter 251

Day 86 - March 26, 2012


This summer I have decided that I am purchasing a pair of Toms. They are for an incredible cause, and they are so comfortable! Since Brigitte and I are heading to Utah, I think they will be the perfect traveling shoes!!! The only trouble is deciding what style. SO many to choose from!!!

The weather was so random today! Crazy windy and cold! I had to wear a jacket, which was really disappointing. Oh and speaking of disappointment, let's just talk about Bieber's new single. It is actually pathetic! Andrew read me the lyrics last week and we were peeing because they are soo DUMB. But I was going to wait until I heard the song, and let me tell ya, the words sound worse to music. The arrangement is actually disgusting. Legit, I felt sick while I was listening to it. My ears needed some major recovery. So I am in the process of healing them with some One Direction. It's official Bieber, One Direction has surpassed you in my book. I miss the cute, and innocent Bieber.


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