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HAPPY 250th POST MY LITTE BLOG!!! :):) This is a pretty huge deal, since I am one who usually starts a whole bunch projects and then either get bored, or just forget about them. 250 posts later and I'm still going strong!!! SO thank you for taking the time to stop by my little blog and gain an interest in my rather ordinary life :)

I have some exciting news, that I officially can share! Let me give you a background story first. So our Relief Society presidency is the bomb! We have Sarah Moorhouse as President, Jessica Haarsma as first counsellor, Jocelyn Moreno as second counsellor and Alex Loewen as secretary. Since I was Activities co-ordinator, I got to work along side them for the past 6 months, and it has been a ton of fun!!! Let's just say in the space of three weeks, there have been 2 engagements, and 2 moves announced. Sarah is getting married in May, Jocelyn is moving to Toronto in April, Alex is moving back home to BC for the summer, then off to the UK for a year, and Jess is getting married in August. So literally are entire RS presidency is leaving! We all knew it was coming, but never in a million years did I think I would be part of the new presidency. 

So when Brother Duval pulled me aside last week I knew I was going to be involved somehow. I was completely flabbergasted at the idea! I felt so young and inadequate. Then the more I ponder and prayed about it, I received so much comfort. I feel so humbled that Heavenly Father thinks I am up for the task, and that I can do it. The fear has completely washed away, and I have finally become excited! Brother Duval didn't tell me who the new president, or first counsellor would be, so this morning in sacrament meeting I was looking around to see who it might be. I already knew that Tracy Brook was going to be president. As soon as Sarah got engaged, I knew it would be Tracy. But I was still clueless about the first counsellor. As soon as Brother Pack said Clarissa Kelly, my entire body became overcome with excitement!!!! Apparently Clarissa didn't know who the others members of the presidency were, so when they called my name she turned to Tracy and said: "This is going to be AWESOME!"

It's funny because I just realized something really weird. Tracy and I are visiting teaching companions, and Clarissa visit teaches me. So we got a nice little circle there! I am still shocked that I have been called, but I am willing to serve!!

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend!


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  1. I just realized I completely forgot to congratulate you three on that! You three are going to do awesome I know it! :)


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