Chapter 247

I know, I know, 2 posts in less than 2 hours. I just couldn't help myself!!!!

My thoughts exactly. Although I must say, I loved Peeta long before Josh Hutcherson. And I loved Josh Hutcherson long before Hunger Games. I was talking with a friend at church on Sunday and we were talking about those group of girls that have only read 3 series: Twilight, Harry Potter, and Hunger Games. Majority of them hadn't even heard of the books before the movies. Now I am not taking a jab at HP of Hunger Games (I will be honest I gladly take a jab at Twilight), they are incredible series. BUT there are so many great books out there, that have stayed unknown because they haven't been made into movies. And to be honest I'm quite content with that :) 

A cute actor doesn't make the books anymore interesting. If the character is described to be a total dreamboat, and they find the perfect actor then it is perfection!!!!! Prime example: Josh as Peeta. There is nothing better than having an actor look, act and speak exactly how you invision the character to be. That is how I feel about the choice for Peeta. Points to the casting directors for scouting them out!!!

Now before some of you get extremely offended by my trash talk about Twilight, there is one point I need to clarify. I'm not going to lie, I read Twilight after watching the movie, so I guess I'm the pot calling the kettle black. But you need to realize, I was a youngin'. I didn't really ever have an interest with anything to do with Twilight before I watched the movie. I had heard about it, but that was all. As soon as I watched the first movie I read the books in the space of a few days and I LOVED them. Then when the DVD was released I re-watched the movie and laughed the entire time. IT WAS SO HORRIBLE! They didn't get one thing right!!!! It just wasn't the way I remembered it. So I vowed to never watch or read anything related to Twilight. It's sad because I really did love the books, I know now though that if I reread them I would not connect with them anymore. Let's face it, every single girl in high school can relate to Bella. Feeling you have to be loved by someone to feel important, and that falling for the dangerous, off limit type of guy is intriguing. But I've grown up, and that isn't true happiness. Far from it!! And besides, another reason why I threw out my love for Twilight, is I felt embarrassed to be associated with the Twilight Fangirls. Nuh-uh. NO THANK YOU! Want no part in that!! It's not that I have anything personally against the cult following, I just get a tad frustrated with it all :)

SO please, all you Twilight fangirls, don't ruining this for me.

Much appreciated,

Hunger Games Fangirl: Bekah 
(yep ironic, since I just talked for ages about my frustration with fangirls)

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