Chapter 244

Day 78 - March 18, 2012


Friday was pay day. I have been saving for years now, and the majority of my pay-check goes straight into savings. On this particular Friday however, I kind of went a little crazy. You see I went to Place d'Orleans with the intent of buying the One Direction album. HMV was my first stop, I went in, looked at the wall of new releases and to my astonishment, they had completely sold out of the deluxe edition!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so frustrated! No way was I going to buy the normal one, whenever deluxe is offered I take it!! So I was mad. Started wandering around the mall, and hours later I realized I was carrying numerous bags! It was all a blur, but I somehow spent just over $200. And what did I buy?

                   1. A Vera Moda dress
                   2. A purple high-waisted pencil skirt
                   3. Two Tommy Hilfiger blouses
                   4. A Tommy Hilfiger cardi (because apparently I don't have enough cardigans..)
                   5. Two pairs of Hue polka dot pantyhose 
                   6. A pair of running leggings.

I swear I have a problem. When I got home and told Kelsi and Andrew about it, Kelsi started laughing and said: "I think you have a genuine problem! As soon as you buy one thing you crack!" Yep, I am officially Rebecca Bloomwood.

SO there you have it! I broke my goal. I was supposed to shop only at thrift stores until May... oops.



  1. Following via Live Laugh Rowe's blog hop. Love your blog!

  2. Ah well, that's alright...I'm sure you'll get a lot of wear with what you bought...that's what counts!! [I'm pretty good at justifying my shopping too]


  3. Oh my goodness... You are darling!


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