Chapter 240

Day 73 - March 13, 2012

Day 74 - March 14, 2012


Spring has officially arrived! Today I headed over to CU campus to see a counsellor about course load next year. I met up with Brigitte and we wandered around campus enjoying the beautiful weather! No more boots, clunky jackets or static-attack hair!! THANK HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!! All in all today has been splendid! Spending the entire day with your bestie is always the best! Talking about next year was pretty interesting. We're both 21, and feel we need some more responsibility, and independence. Should be a good year!!!

Also, yesterday was pretty stellar day too. After a full day at work, I headed over to the church to help the sister missionaries teach a lesson. It was my first time, so I was pretty intimidated, but once it started going I just followed the Spirit and said what I felt. Then after that, I went home and had the Elders over for dinner. YAY for missionaries!! I usually find the spiritual thoughts they give just cute, but Elder Lockhart shared something very interesting with us. We each read one Article of Faith, then had to explain it in our own words as though we were talking to someone who knew very little about the gospel. It was such a great exercise! Made missionary work seem so much simpler! 

Well I hope you all enjoy your day!!


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