Chapter 238

Day 71 - March 11, 2012


Church, potluck and broadcast. This combination is always a winner!!!!! And to top it all off having a great conversation with a dear friend. It is great to look back on the last few months and realize how much I have been able to learn and grow, and still being able to grow. This dear friend is going through exactly what I went through. He helped me through it, and now I am helping him. It's hard to see him suffering, but I know he will receive the comfort and peace I have.

 It is weird that I am actually grateful for the immense heart break I went through back in July. Hindsight is such an interesting thing. No matter what trial I am going through, I am convinced I will never be happy until I get the outcome I want. And then something wonderful happens. The outcome that I didn't want to happen, does, and I am happier than I ever thought I could be. Knowing that my Heavenly Father's greatest desire is for me to be happy and come back to him. 

I hope you all enjoyed your Sunday :)


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