Chapter 236

Sorry I haven't been posting my Project 365 photos in the past couple posts. Andrew and Kelsi want to be the first to post their pictures of little Norah, so you will all have to wait until then :) But in the time being you may drool over cute baby clothes. I went to Baby Gap tonight and went crazy. Yep, the spoiling has officially begun!!

I must admit, I have broken my packed to only shop at thrift stores until May. I caved. I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself!!! My pants have just been bugging the crap out of me, so I bought some that actually fit properly. And the best part, they were on the sale rack at Gap!! Originally 79.99, and I got them for *drum roll please* ... 
Oh and an additional 40% off!!! SO yeah, it was worth it! Although, that's not the only I bought. Two days ago I also bought 3 shirts. Just basic 3/4 length tees, it's just nice to be buying a size M again!!



  1. 19.99 is amazing for Gap. I went in to their shop in Oxford and I couldn't find anything below £40!!



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