Chapter 233

Day 66 - March 6, 2012


Today my hair was being complicated. You know those days when you have the cutest idea in your head and it just fails miserably? Yeah, that was pretty much my morning. Nothing was working out. SO I shoved my hair into a bun. But instead of sticking to my regular tipknot, I went for a messy, chunky, big bun. So I thought I should publicly apologize to my hair. SO here it goes: "I am so sorry my dear blonde hair. I'm sorry I yelled at you in frustration this morning when you would not co-operate. You really turned out great. So thanks for that!"

Another happy note. I went to Smart Set today, bought a few shirts and decided to try some pants for the heck of it. And guess what???!! Not only am I down 20 pounds, but I am also 2 sizes smaller! Of course I didn't clue in that along with loosing weight, dress and pant sizes go down too. DUH!!!

Tonight I leave you with some Newsies. ENJOY!!



  1. That is amazing Bekah! I meant to tell you after the temple trip that you look amazing (that was before you have ever mentioned about loosing weight so I didn't know you were doing so amazing!)!!!

  2. I love that hair bun, so so cute, so chic.

  3. Good job with yr hair, looks gr8!!

    Love yr blog!



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