Chapter 230

Day 61 - March 1, 2012


This top was among one the purchases on Monday. Such a pretty mauve, dust pink colour. And the sleeves were an added bonus! I mean come on, just look at that eyelet!!! Not to mention only being 3$! Yes please!!!!

And let's just talk about baby stuff. My house has become over run with baby stuff!! Kelsi and Andrew had there first shower this past weekend so they unloaded everything at our place. Baby cuteness everywhere! I can't handle it!!! I just want Baby W to be here already!!!!!! :) :)

Too darn CUTE!!!! Only a few more weeks and there will be a baby inside that onesie!! 



  1. That is a glorious top. I love our little thrifting envies we have with each other (ie rainjacket). I guess that is what happens when two friends have the same elevated taste in clothing ;)

  2. this is so funny and cute! :) regards from vienna


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