Chapter 258

My weekend will consist of listening to the council given by our modern day prophets. I am so grateful for living prophets, and the direction they give to my life!! There is nothing more incredible than watching General Conference every 6 months and knowing that all the around the world millions of people are watching and listening. So please take the time this weekend to listen to the words spoken for US! I invite you all to take the time out of your busy schedules and pay attention to their councils!

Hear and hearken


Chapter 257

For the past week I've been stumped. I literally have no idea what I want to do with my hair, but I want to do something!!! Both Kelsi and Brigitte got a bob and I was thinking, maybe I should get it chopped again. I loved having my hair short last summer, and it was uber cute. Then the more I thought about, the more I want my hair to grow out. I've have a number of different haircuts growing up. Short, long, front bangs, no bangs, side bangs. And I want something different, but not too drastic.

2010 - bangs     

Now - no bangs

Summer 2011 -  bob

Before the chop of 2011!!

Then the more I thought about, the more I want my hair to grow out. SO I started going the options: side bangs, fron bangs, side part, center part, dye.... dye? See I have never died my hair. EVER. Not one highlight has ever gone in. And I love my hair colour, so why would I spend the money to dye my hair, when people pay $100s for my colour.

Then Meana came up with a brilliant plan: ombre. Just fade it to a blonder dye on the ends, if I don't like it, it will be way easier to get rid of. She did her own last summer and it turned out great. So the date is set. April 14th. Ombre date with my twin. Oh crap I'm terrified...

Let's see if I actually have the guts to do it....thoughts anyone?



Chapter 256

Day 89 - March 29, 2012


Today my dad came home from Toronto. He had spent the past few days traveling for work, so mom and I had some girl time. As awesome as girl time is, nothing beats having a man back at home. We missed our main man. I have been waiting to watch Hunger Games with him, so we are officially going this Tuesday. The wait has been SO hard. I've made a promise to myself that I will see it at least 3 times in theatres. Yep, it's worth it!

Spring is in full bloom, so it was time to change my bedding into something more bright! Yay for Ikea and pillows to cuddle at night!!!!


Chapter 255

Sometimes I wake up at 5 AM and can't get back to sleep. So I tweak my blog and end up doing a complete design overhaul :)

Thank goodness I only work 9-1 today!!!!

Oh and I have also decided that I am marrying Josh Hutcherson. Yep he has no say in the matter. The odds are ever in his favour!



Chapter 254

Day 88 - March 28, 2012


Tonight I plan on rocking the "at-home-bun", leggings, a hoodie, fuzzy socks, slippers while drinking a Caflib and watching some britcoms with momma :):)

These kind of nights are my favourite!



Chapter 253

Day 87 - March 27, 2012


Today I was able to spend the day with momma, Kelsi and baby Norah! It was a great day. A little shopping, and some awesome girl time!!!! When we were in Superstore, I went straight to the Joe Fresh section. It totally slipped my mind that they do makeup now. So I bought a lipstick. It's a beautiful, natural pink. I adore it! Definitely worth the 6 bucks!!


Chapter 252

Today is a very special day. Meet Wendell Wagner. He's fun, awesome, hilarious, an incredible listener, a goof, a willing chauffer, a great movie buddy. But most importantly he is my dad, and it's his 53rd birthday today.

Happy birthday Pops. 

Love, Bekah


Chapter 251

Day 86 - March 26, 2012


This summer I have decided that I am purchasing a pair of Toms. They are for an incredible cause, and they are so comfortable! Since Brigitte and I are heading to Utah, I think they will be the perfect traveling shoes!!! The only trouble is deciding what style. SO many to choose from!!!

The weather was so random today! Crazy windy and cold! I had to wear a jacket, which was really disappointing. Oh and speaking of disappointment, let's just talk about Bieber's new single. It is actually pathetic! Andrew read me the lyrics last week and we were peeing because they are soo DUMB. But I was going to wait until I heard the song, and let me tell ya, the words sound worse to music. The arrangement is actually disgusting. Legit, I felt sick while I was listening to it. My ears needed some major recovery. So I am in the process of healing them with some One Direction. It's official Bieber, One Direction has surpassed you in my book. I miss the cute, and innocent Bieber.



Chapter 250

Day 83 - March 23, 2012

Day 84 - March 24, 2012

Day 85 - March 25, 2012


HAPPY 250th POST MY LITTE BLOG!!! :):) This is a pretty huge deal, since I am one who usually starts a whole bunch projects and then either get bored, or just forget about them. 250 posts later and I'm still going strong!!! SO thank you for taking the time to stop by my little blog and gain an interest in my rather ordinary life :)

I have some exciting news, that I officially can share! Let me give you a background story first. So our Relief Society presidency is the bomb! We have Sarah Moorhouse as President, Jessica Haarsma as first counsellor, Jocelyn Moreno as second counsellor and Alex Loewen as secretary. Since I was Activities co-ordinator, I got to work along side them for the past 6 months, and it has been a ton of fun!!! Let's just say in the space of three weeks, there have been 2 engagements, and 2 moves announced. Sarah is getting married in May, Jocelyn is moving to Toronto in April, Alex is moving back home to BC for the summer, then off to the UK for a year, and Jess is getting married in August. So literally are entire RS presidency is leaving! We all knew it was coming, but never in a million years did I think I would be part of the new presidency. 

So when Brother Duval pulled me aside last week I knew I was going to be involved somehow. I was completely flabbergasted at the idea! I felt so young and inadequate. Then the more I ponder and prayed about it, I received so much comfort. I feel so humbled that Heavenly Father thinks I am up for the task, and that I can do it. The fear has completely washed away, and I have finally become excited! Brother Duval didn't tell me who the new president, or first counsellor would be, so this morning in sacrament meeting I was looking around to see who it might be. I already knew that Tracy Brook was going to be president. As soon as Sarah got engaged, I knew it would be Tracy. But I was still clueless about the first counsellor. As soon as Brother Pack said Clarissa Kelly, my entire body became overcome with excitement!!!! Apparently Clarissa didn't know who the others members of the presidency were, so when they called my name she turned to Tracy and said: "This is going to be AWESOME!"

It's funny because I just realized something really weird. Tracy and I are visiting teaching companions, and Clarissa visit teaches me. So we got a nice little circle there! I am still shocked that I have been called, but I am willing to serve!!

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend!



Chapter 249

Holy crap! The excitement is too much!!



Chapter 248

Day 79 - March 19, 2012

Day 80 - March 20, 2012

Day 81 - March 21, 2012

Day 82 - March 22, 2012


Gah this baby is that cutest!!!!!!!!! And she's gaining wait! Going to be a chubbers this little one!!!

I wouldn't exactly call myself of a watch person, but after seeing one of Maggie's Love watches on Etsy, it was love at first sight. I mean come on, just look at this bad boy!!

This might possibly be purchased once I loose another 5pds. I have lost running total of 25 pounds, and I feel great! The weather has been so beautiful the past week! All snow is gone, and I can finally run and bike again! I went on my second run today. It was significantly shorter than the last, but my legs are still recovering from the last run. No better way to wake up than taking a run!!!!!

Hope you all had a great Thursday!! :)



Chapter 247

I know, I know, 2 posts in less than 2 hours. I just couldn't help myself!!!!

My thoughts exactly. Although I must say, I loved Peeta long before Josh Hutcherson. And I loved Josh Hutcherson long before Hunger Games. I was talking with a friend at church on Sunday and we were talking about those group of girls that have only read 3 series: Twilight, Harry Potter, and Hunger Games. Majority of them hadn't even heard of the books before the movies. Now I am not taking a jab at HP of Hunger Games (I will be honest I gladly take a jab at Twilight), they are incredible series. BUT there are so many great books out there, that have stayed unknown because they haven't been made into movies. And to be honest I'm quite content with that :) 

A cute actor doesn't make the books anymore interesting. If the character is described to be a total dreamboat, and they find the perfect actor then it is perfection!!!!! Prime example: Josh as Peeta. There is nothing better than having an actor look, act and speak exactly how you invision the character to be. That is how I feel about the choice for Peeta. Points to the casting directors for scouting them out!!!

Now before some of you get extremely offended by my trash talk about Twilight, there is one point I need to clarify. I'm not going to lie, I read Twilight after watching the movie, so I guess I'm the pot calling the kettle black. But you need to realize, I was a youngin'. I didn't really ever have an interest with anything to do with Twilight before I watched the movie. I had heard about it, but that was all. As soon as I watched the first movie I read the books in the space of a few days and I LOVED them. Then when the DVD was released I re-watched the movie and laughed the entire time. IT WAS SO HORRIBLE! They didn't get one thing right!!!! It just wasn't the way I remembered it. So I vowed to never watch or read anything related to Twilight. It's sad because I really did love the books, I know now though that if I reread them I would not connect with them anymore. Let's face it, every single girl in high school can relate to Bella. Feeling you have to be loved by someone to feel important, and that falling for the dangerous, off limit type of guy is intriguing. But I've grown up, and that isn't true happiness. Far from it!! And besides, another reason why I threw out my love for Twilight, is I felt embarrassed to be associated with the Twilight Fangirls. Nuh-uh. NO THANK YOU! Want no part in that!! It's not that I have anything personally against the cult following, I just get a tad frustrated with it all :)

SO please, all you Twilight fangirls, don't ruining this for me.

Much appreciated,

Hunger Games Fangirl: Bekah 
(yep ironic, since I just talked for ages about my frustration with fangirls)

Chapter 246

Today I went on my first run of the season and it was glorious!!!! Then after some stretching and cooling off I hopped on my Mac and went on the Fbook. I was pretty much dying of laughter when I watched this video!!! I have some pretty incredibly embarrassing blonde moments, but none come close to this!!

Please please PLEASE watch! You will not be disappointed!! Points to Morgan for sharing!!



Chapter 245

Wearing a new dress to church is always the best :)

Having a lesson that directly focuses on something you are terrified about is even better :)


Chapter 244

Day 78 - March 18, 2012


Friday was pay day. I have been saving for years now, and the majority of my pay-check goes straight into savings. On this particular Friday however, I kind of went a little crazy. You see I went to Place d'Orleans with the intent of buying the One Direction album. HMV was my first stop, I went in, looked at the wall of new releases and to my astonishment, they had completely sold out of the deluxe edition!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so frustrated! No way was I going to buy the normal one, whenever deluxe is offered I take it!! So I was mad. Started wandering around the mall, and hours later I realized I was carrying numerous bags! It was all a blur, but I somehow spent just over $200. And what did I buy?

                   1. A Vera Moda dress
                   2. A purple high-waisted pencil skirt
                   3. Two Tommy Hilfiger blouses
                   4. A Tommy Hilfiger cardi (because apparently I don't have enough cardigans..)
                   5. Two pairs of Hue polka dot pantyhose 
                   6. A pair of running leggings.

I swear I have a problem. When I got home and told Kelsi and Andrew about it, Kelsi started laughing and said: "I think you have a genuine problem! As soon as you buy one thing you crack!" Yep, I am officially Rebecca Bloomwood.

SO there you have it! I broke my goal. I was supposed to shop only at thrift stores until May... oops.



Chapter 243

Day 77 - March 17, 2012


Happ St. Patti's Day everybody! My festivities included: drinking a Shamrock shake and getting some cuddles from Norah.


I swear I could eat this baby up!!!


CHapter 242

This show will always be number one in my heart. Yep

Have a fantastic Saturday!


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