Chapter 229

Day 60 - February 29, 2012


I find it funny that it isn't even spring yet and freckles are popping out all over my face :) I find this time of year so aggravating. I just want it to be spring already! I have so many things going on from April-August, and I just want them to start already!!!! 

Let's just take a moment to drool over these swimsuits !!!

One of these will be mine!!

Summer come NOW!!!! Please!!!!!!!

And also how on earth did I miss this dress! Lily Collins looked absolutely stunning at the Oscars!! Gah I can't even!!!

Lily Collins Clothes



  1. That first pic- I'm totally jealous! I want freckles, they're so pretty but I have none haha. & that first bluey-green bathing suit is amazing, especially the top of it, it's something I would love to wear! Love your blog lady, it keeps getting better and better! xo

  2. LOVE those one piece bathing suits :)



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