Chapter 221

Day 50 - February 19, 2012

Bedside Shelf


I had an interesting experience on Monday. It was one of those hidden spiritual lessons kind of moment. I went with a few YSA to go skating on the canal. I was uber excited since I haven't gone skating in a couple years, and the last time I went my skates were not sharpened so it was an embarrassing experience to say the least. So I borrowed a pair of skates, put on my long Johns, got all bundled up and drove (well got driven) to the Dow's Lake entrance. We pretty much skated the entire distance of the canal, stopped halfway then came back because my skates were slightly rubbing on my calf. Not exactly a comfortable situation. 

Skating buddies Clarissa and Ashleigh

While on our way back we saw the snow blower was starting to clean off the ice, so we decided to skate behind it. We came to a dark stretch of ice that had zero lights, but because we were behind the snow blower we had a light helping us to avoid cracks and holes. I was feeling rather proud of myself (I hadn't fallen once), and wanted to skate faster than the snow blower, so I veered off course and started booking it. All of a sudden I was falling, falling hard, and I couldn't stop myself. And of course the first thing I do is laugh, laughing hysterically, and I mean lying on the ice dying of laughter. I swear there is a funny bone on my butt, every time I fall I just laugh. After a couple minutes of painful laughter, 2 hands came down to help me up!

I was thinking about it on the way home and later throughout the week, and had an "Ah-ha" moment! Isn't that so much like life. You're going along, doing what is right, following the standards, reading the scriptures, and praying, then all of a sudden we get thoughts into our heads. Thoughts like: "Things aren't going the way I want, so I'm doing my own thing!" or "I'm happy, but I want to be more happy. I want the next step in my life." So you start to wander off, thinking you know best than our Heavenly Father. And of course you don't, I mean seriously why do we think this?! No one knows what's best for us than Him. So you're skating along, then next thing you know BOOM you're flat on your butt, in a daze, not knowing what just happened. Then when you start feeling down, beating yourself up for being so stupid, a hand comes down. At first you don't feel worthy enough to take it, to accept His help. Then finally you take hold, are lifted back up, and guided back to the proper course. I can not express how much I am grateful for my Heavenly Father and his only begotten son Jesus Christ. I've never seen them, but I know they are there in everything I do. I can never doubt or deny their presence in my life. I am so grateful with the patience they have for me. I've fallen quite a lot, I've got some nasty bruises, but no matter how many times I trip, stumble or fall, they are always there waiting to help me back up.



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