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So Saturday I had the amazing opportunity to put my creative hairstyling ideas to use! Two of my friends, David and Catherine (who are the cutest couple ever!!!), were going to a ball at the Chateau Laurier, so they asked me to Catherine's hair! I was so thrilled!!!!!!!! I've never done a full blown formal updo before so I was a tad nervous, but more excited :) I must say I was extremely happy with the results!!

Later that night a few YSA came over to play some games. A fun night, with a few of my favourite people! I must asked, am I the only one that blushes like a lunatic and gets crazy butterflies when hands slightly brush with the person you are interested in? I swear there is something wrong with me!! Both Brigitte and Jess slept over, and we had some more girly chats!! Then we headed to bed! 

Today was a perfect day. Legit, couldn't have been anymore perfect! Slept in, had smoothies and scrambled eggs, went to a brunch, did some visiting teaching, felt uplifted during sacrament meeting, had an amazing prompting during relief society, enjoyed short/awkward glances, played Spot It with the fam, and had a great talk with a friend.

Sundays are the best.



  1. Pretty, loved what you did with her hair!! Looks like a good weekend! :)

  2. Hi) i like your blog) may be lets follow each other? What do u think?)

  3. The hair looks amazing. Nicely done! Stopping by from 36th Ave blog hop and so glad I did. How cute are you?!



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