Chapter 217

Day 39 - February 8, 2012



Today one of my many questions of life was answered. See when I wear glasses I go cross eyed.. I'm talking majorily cross eyed!!!! It's really weird and it's been bugging me for YEARS!! So while my mom was getting her glasses fixed, she decided to slightly embarrasses me and ask the lady helping us why that is. Turns out I have an oval face and my eyes are closer together than normal. All the glasses I've ever tried on have had huge frames. And because of this my eyes look even closer together causing them to look crossed. So the lady had me try on a smaller framed pair, and VOILA! I actually looked like me! So there goes my dream of ever owning a pair of wicked awesome horn rimmed/tortoise/vintage glasses. So long dream, it was nice knowing ya!!

Brigitte and I just posted outfit number two! Take a look :)



  1. Very cute outfit, and thats a bummer about teh cross eye thing.. but at least you have a pair that suits you now! Finding glasses that suit can be a major pain

  2. awwww man... sorry about having to throw that glasses dream away, but least you can know what you need now!! :)


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