Chapter 213

Today I finished one of my favourite books of all time: Tuck Everlasting. I hadn't read it since the first time, back in grade 7, so I thought it was about time I reread it. I have to say to love it even more. Definitely one of the classics in my life, along with The Outsiders and Bridge to Terabithia. Those 3 have been the top since childhood, and I adore them to pieces!!!! Next on the list is hands down one of those two, haven't decided yet!

FIVE STARS (always has been, always will be!)

You all need to read it.. this is not an option. Do it now!! :)


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  1. Hi woo I think I may have to read! A favourite from my childhood is The enchanted wood. I love love that.
    If you are interested I'm thinking about starting a Bloggers book club, let me know!! Thanks so much for your lovely comment the other day on my post about change! Love Natasha Louise x


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