Chapter 229

Day 60 - February 29, 2012


I find it funny that it isn't even spring yet and freckles are popping out all over my face :) I find this time of year so aggravating. I just want it to be spring already! I have so many things going on from April-August, and I just want them to start already!!!! 

Let's just take a moment to drool over these swimsuits !!!

One of these will be mine!!

Summer come NOW!!!! Please!!!!!!!

And also how on earth did I miss this dress! Lily Collins looked absolutely stunning at the Oscars!! Gah I can't even!!!

Lily Collins Clothes



Chapter 228

Day 58 - February 27, 2012

Day 59 - February 28, 2012


I have officially lost 20 pounds in just under 2 months(HOORAY!!!). So today I rewarded myself with a large hot chocolate from Second Cup. And boyee it was YUMMY!! :) I am over half way to my goal weight!! The excitement is just too much! Just having clothes fit the way I want them too is so awesome. Oh and little side note, I tried on my prom dress and it is a tad big! That was 3 years ago!! So I'm a happy camper! Something that I a not happy about however is the weather! Last week it was beautiful, spring weather with grass showing everywhere. Then we had 20cm of snow, and tomorrow we are expecting another 15! BOO! I was so ready to start running again.. and now I have to wait for at least another 3 weeks! Urgh the frustration is just too much!!

So while the snow was falling yesterday, my momma, Kelsi and I went to Value Village for the 50% off sale. I got some goodies!!!! 4 skirts, 1 t-shirt and a bag for under 15$!!! Yay for thrifty finds!!!!


Finally bought my first maxi skirt :) This year it is one of my goals to wear more dresses and skirts! Nothing more classy than a modest knee length hem line :)

And now I leave with the beautiful Sting, doing beautiful Sting things :)



Chapter 227

Oscar time!!!! You all know how much I love browsing through red carpet photos and drooling over the beautiful dresses. But my top reason is to scout out modest dresses!

Octavia Spencer

Gwyneth Paltrow arrives for the 84th Annual Academy Awards at the Hollywood & Highland Center, CA February 26, 2012.
Gwyneth Paltrow

Sandra Bullock

Glenn Close

Maya Rudolph 

Shailene Woodley

Louise Roe - Favourite dress of the night BY FAR!!!! Then again she has an advantage since she is sporting my favourite colour

And now for the not so modest dresses, that still need a shout out!!

Milla Jovovich

Kristen Wig

Jessica Chastien

Natalie Portman - Polka dots. Who'd have thought?? This is just the cutest dress I have ever seen on the carpet!

Stacy Keibler - I'm usually not a metallic fan when it comes to dresses, but this dress is just exquisite!

Michelle Williams - The little bow detail on her waist is huge bonus points in my eyes!

Emma Stone - Her dress was a very close second with Louise's. Red is hands down her colour!!! If only this dress had a little cap sleeve, it would be even better!

Today is going to be spent relaxing and enjoying 50% off at VV :) Have a good one!!



Chapter 226

This song is too incredible not to be shared!!!! I have always had an extreme love towards Adam Young, but oh my heavens this side of his music is so beautiful!!!!!!



Chapter 225

Day 57 - February 26, 2012


Thank goodness I have a day off tomorrow. This weekend has pretty much killed my sleeping patterns. LITERALLY! Brigitte stayed over 2 nights in a row, and we pretty much crashed we were so tired!!!! I am looking forward to church (as always), then dinner with Andrew and Kelsi :)

I didn't have chance last night to talk about the temple, so I thought I would do a quick go over with it. I find it interesting that you can be SO convinced that things are going they way they should, then all of sudden you get a prompting that goes completely against your feelings. When this happens I usually throw a fit. I do end up following it, but I complain first. I know, bad habit. But the past few months I have really tried to re-focus my life and be more willing to follow the Lord's will, instead of mine. It's sounds a lot easier than it is, well for me at least. It's a work in progress, but I'm getting there. 

So while I was attending a baptismal session, I started to study my scriptures and write in my journal. I felt I was writing things that I never would thought of or accepted. Re-reading what I wrote was really incredible. It wasn't anything crazy, but the fact that I was able to completely accept something and feel at peace with it, is so not like me. I'm ridiculously stubborn, so when things change on me I ain't happy. But I am totally ok with what the Spirit was telling me. It took me longer than him (I'm talking months) to finally have a confirmation that we are not supposed to be together. I know now that the promptings I was getting before were pretty much saying: "Rebekah, stop being stupid, bitter, and stubborn and let him be your friend again." He is supposed to be in my life, but not in the way I thought he was going to be. I am completely ok with it! :) Thank goodness I have a Heavenly Father you knows me better than I do, and has someone out there who will make me happier than he can. I'm not saying being around him doesn't make me happy, it does. But I will be happy in a way I have never been able to comprehend before. And I can't wait. I'm going to go back to school, continue to follow Him as best I can, and prepare myself for that boy. Being happy now is key in this life. No more waiting for the next thing to happen. I'm just going to be me, and trust the Lord's timing rather than my own

Have an incredible Sunday



Chapter 224

Day 53 - February 22, 2012

Day 54 - February 23, 2012

Day 55 - February 24, 2012

Day 56 - February 25, 2012



So I have a confession. The past few days I haven't been into the whole "taking pictures"thing. I've been crazy exhausted, so all of these pictures were taken today at the Biodome in Montreal. Our ward went to the temple for a session, then headed over for some fun! It was a great way to end the day. I received the guidance I needed while at the temple, then spent time with some of my dearest friends :) So here are some more pictures of the day!

With my twin Jenn

Brigitte :)


Such a perfect day! Exhausted? Yes. Worth it? YES!!!

And also as I promised, here is a picture of the entire blouse :) Yes I realize I am wearing a cardigan over top, but you get the idea! 

Chow for now!!



Chapter 223

Day 52 - February 21, 2012


A little taste of a blouse I bought a couple weeks ago. Nothing better than finding a piece at a thrift store that you have been imagining in your head for months! I didn't even know this blouse existed! I was positive it was a figment of my imagination. Then who'd have thought, Brigitte found it while sifting through the racks at VV!!!!!! I will post a picture of the entire thing tomorrow!!!

Today I finished another one of my childhood favourites! Bridge to Terabithia! That novel is just too beautiful! Simple, and perfect! I can't help but cry every time I read it!!


Also I would just like to thank the bundle of new readers I have just received! I can't wait to visit your blogs, and get to know you all better! Blog friends are the best! ... wow that sounded slightly pathetic, no? Well anyways, nice to meet y'all! 



Chapter 222

Day 51 - February 20, 2012


In Ontario we have this day called "Family Day'. It's great fun. Every gets the day off (minus federal government employees), and is encouraged to spend time with their families. Kind of a lame-o idea, but we take it very seriously over here at the Wagner household. We use to go to Cora's for brunch, but for the past couple years we decided to head over to the States and do some shopping. So we did. Kelsi came along for the fun, since her hubbers had to work (sucker!!). 

First we headed to Jo Ann's fabrics, and oh my heaven above the sales there were ridiculous! I felt I was stealing! I bought 5 patterns for 5$!!!!!! My entire purchase was 12$, with a grand total of 84$ in savings!!!!!!!!! What the WHAT???!!!! Then we headed off to Walmart. There I bought some more fabric, along with some other goodies (including the nail polishes above). 


All in all it was a great day out with the family. Now it's back to work tomorrow. BOO! And yes that is a picture of my father in an Angry Birds hat. The definition of swag right there..

Oh and in other news I finally got my iPhone case!!!! After 3 weeks of waiting, it finally arrived!!!

Have a great one!


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