Chapter 209

Day 29 - January 29, 2012

Day 30 - January 30, 2012


Yesterday was a good day. Sunday is always my favourite day of the week. I love church, and I was able to attend 2 sacrament meetings!! SCORE! I stayed over at Andrew and Kelsi's, and since the YSA and their ward meet in the same building, I thought I might as well hitch a ride with them to church early. It was rather entertaining being in a family ward again. There were babies EVERYWHERE! Pretty much an girls fantasy! Well let's be real, it would have been an even greater fantasy if Michael Phelps was there, but yeah know, you can't have them all! 

So anyways, the talks were incredible, and I felt I was on a spiritual high of sorts. It was a great feeling. Then off to YSA ward I went. The sister missionaries spoke, along with Roberto. Oh my word I felt so inspired and just want to share the gospel with everyone. There is something very special about full-time missionaries. Every time I hear them speak I just want to do my part. SO I continued feeling uber awesome, then I started having this "icky" feeling. No not icky, maybe just a worrying feeling. I felt something was wrong. My feeling was confirmed after church, I was checking up with a friend to find out why he wasn't at church, and I heard some news that was sad. I didn't know the person, let alone their name, but because it affected someone very dear to my heart, I felt a sudden feeling of sorrow. He assured me he was fine and just thinking about the plan of salvation and how awesome it is, really hit home. 

You see on Friday night, my assistant manager's husband passed away suddenly. There is nothing worse than seeing people who do not have the knowledge of the plan of salvation just shut down and be extremely heart broken. Now I am not saying that death is such a happy thing for me to deal with, it's far from it, but knowing that I am sealed to my family forever, and will only be parted from them for a blink of an eye is so comforting and I can't help being happy about it. 

Over the course of yesterday, I was able to have 3 really deep conversations with 3 dear friends. I needed to hear something from every conversation and felt more and more at peace with my feelings and promptings I've been having lately. I'm grateful that I have such close friends in the church, who are going through the same experiences I am. No judging, no rolling of eyes telling them that I am back where I was in April, just helpful, loving words. Couldn't have asked for better friends.


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