Chapter 208

Day 26 - January 26, 2012

Feeling like a present

Day 27 - January 27, 2012

Bedroom view

Day 28 - January 28, 2012

Storage problems


Thursday I went to Ikea with mom and pops to buy some storage goodies! We ended buying a new bookcase for the spare room, a divider/shelf/thing to put between our sewing room and family room, a couple boxes and shelves. I finally decided it was time to get rid of my CD holder and put them in a nicer setup. So I bought these adorable little boxes!!!!!


Yay for organization!!!!!

Then last night I went to the movies again with pops. Yeah I know I hang out with my parents ALL the time! I completely admit it, I'm a nerd like that. So we saw War Horse and I have to say I was actually blown away!!! The war scenes were just absolutely incredible!!! Such a timeless story, portrayed in a beautiful way. Job well done Spielberg, job well done!

I have tried to stick to my goal of 1 book per week, this year but unfortunately I have failed. I went 2 days over my schedule with The Maze Runner. 9 days as opposed to 7, I am ashamed! The book again was extremely hard to get into to, I dreaded reading it for the first 100-150 pages. But after the first half, the book became so incredible!! I zoomed through the second half in no time! I don't know if I would suggest it though. It kind of a weird novel, and the language is really odd, and the timing is so unrealistic!! 1 day took 6 chapters, but an intense night took 3. It was weird like that, but I will definitely be reading the rest of the trilogy!!


This week I plan on reading The Giver, and War Horse, to catch up with my schedule. I should have them both done by Wednesday.

Have a wonderful weekend my dears!!


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  1. I swear your photos get better and better every time! & I'm totally jealous of your hair. I wish I could do that braid like you have but my hair is too thin, boo! You look great though! x


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