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Day 12 - January 12, 2012


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Day 14 - January 14, 2012

Winter Wonderland


Of course a month after Christmas, it actually starts to look like Christmas! The weather is killing me!!!! Last night I went to a Thai restaurant for the first time EVER! I'm not really adventurous when it comes to food, so it was sort of big deal for me. Unfortunately I ordered an EXTREMELY spicy dish and I am extremely sensitive to spices, so it was kind of fail. So we had ordered something else for me. Felt bad, and like a huge newb, but my second plate was so divine!! The noodles were so sweet along with the chicken. The only thing that sucked would have to be waiting a half hour for the bus when it was a complete blizzard last night. When we were in the restaurant it looked pretty outside, but holy crap it was freezing! My toes didn't start defrosting until and hour after being home. Went to sleep with sweat pants, socks, slippers, and my sweater with the hood up. I heard my parents laughing at me when they came in my room to say goodnight. They always think I'm asleep, but I am completely aware of their little snickering comments! :)



  1. I love these photos! You have such a talent!

  2. I feel you - it is freeeeeezing right now! Love thai food but then I love super spicy food, to be fair to yourself it can't be easy to pick something not spicy!x

  3. Cute blog! I love the darling bunt!



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