Chapter 200

Day 11 - January 11, 2012


Alicia made me this gorgeous holder for my earring and necklaces. She bought a window frame, painted it, put chicken wire, a shelf and hooks and VOILA! The perfect solution to my jewelry being scattered all over my room!!


Happy 200th post my dear blog!!! I am so proud of you, and glad that we have stayed together for 2 WHOLE YEARS NOW!! That is quite the accomplishment, since I usually don't stick to something for long, so you should consider yourself lucky my little blog! I like to think that we have somewhat grown together, and are on some sort of "journey" together. Ok that's enough of cheese for one post!

SO Last night I finished reading Ally Condie's "Matched". I really enjoyed reading it since I am huge fan of Dystopian literature that involves a totalitarian government. Ah the best!! Although I was rather pleased with it, there were a couple things that I wasn't so pleased with. I read it pretty quickly, but it still was a little slow. The start was great, the end was great, and the middle was just meh. Certain characters I felt no attachment to, no sadness, happiness, literally nothing for them. Which is odd because I usually connect really well with characters. One or two in this novel I really couldn't care less about. I also found that the love between Ky and Cassia was really forced. I'm still not convinced that they both actually genuinely love each other. I am sure I will be convinced once I finish the sequel. With that said, Team Xander all the way!!!


I just started the second book in the series last night, and so far I am enjoying it! We will see, we will see :)


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