Chapter 199

Day 10 - January 10, 2012

Silk and Pearls

I tried something a little different today with what I wore. I'm usually not one to wear blouses buttoned up all the way, or even underneath knit sweaters. But I thought: "Hey why not?" Definitely has become one of my favourite looks after today :)


After much deliberation my parents and I decided to go on a diet. Ugh I hate that word.. how about we don't call it that. How about: lifestyle change? Yeah ok cheesy, but better! I've never been one of those girls who constantly worries about my weight, or being a certain dress size, I just really want to start making an actually effort to have a healthier lifestyle (especially after the Christmas break) So we decided to start the 17 Day Diet! And I must say it is quite the winner! we literally emptied our entire fridge on Saturday and now or fridge is STUFFED with just fruit, vegetables, water, chicken, fish, cottage cheese and yogurt! No better way to wake up than eating cottage cheese and yogurt while reading the Book of Mormon.

Hope the week is treating you all well so far !!


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