Chapter 196

Day 5 - January 5, 2012


Donairs are pretty much my favourite! I can only handle a very little amount, but oh so GOOD!!!


Today was a very special day! My sister in law turned the big 2-1 !!!!! And yes, she is only 2 days older than me! Her youngest sister, Meghan, came for a surprise visit. So they both came over while Andrew was at work and cooked and baked.. oh and watched Little Mermaid!!!

She has popped, and I love it!!!! Only a few more months until Baby Wagner will be born!!!!

The most intense, mushy cake ever!!

Dinosaur candles. Yep she's 21!!! :)

One of the presents!

A beanie I partly made for her. Along with a ceramic hair straightener and professional hair dryer.

My parents bought her an apron, journal, and gift certificate for a pedicure, facial, and haircut. Some pampering before Baby W comes.

I love me some donairs!!

Happy birthday Kelsi!!!!!!!!!!! So happy to call you family! Love you!!


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