Chapter 194

Day 4 - January 4, 2012


My oldest brother (Adam) and his girlfriend (Alicia) bought me this ADORABLE candle as an early birthday present, since they weren't able to travel down this weekend to celebrate. I absolutely adore it. Pretty much describes me in a nutshell: simple, floral, pastel, old fashioned and of course a tea cup!!!!


Since the theme for my birthday party this year is "Twenty-First Tea Party", my mom and I had to stock up on some more tea cups. And where did we go you may ask: thrift stores! DUH!!! While there we just kind of into the bedding/material section, without realizing. And of course I went nutzoid! Anything floral, pastel, or burgundy I just grabbed.. LITERALLY!!!!

Also on a side note I think it is absolutely imperative that everyone goes to see Tintin. Go! Now! Do not delay! I was extremely satisfied with how faithful they remained to the comics and cartoons! So perfect! Couldn't have been happier.. unless that is except for the fact that they didn't include Professeur Turnisole (sorry everyone read them in French!) Other than that, really impressed! Job well done Spielberg, job well done!

You know what is awesome? When you have to work again until Monday! So happy!!!!!!!! Then once Monday comes, it's back to working everyday. But I'm ok with that. The break was great, but I am ready to get back into routine!


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