Chapter 122

Since yesterday was the Royal Wedding of Will and Kate, mom and I got up in the morning to watch it while eating crumpets and scones. A British breakfast for an amazing event! I'm not a HUGE fan of the Royal Family, I think there is soooo much scandal and really a lot of it is just a huge show. But I have always been a fan of William and Harry! And watching this great day in William and Kate's life was definitely an experience I will never forget! Tumblr was absolutely FULL of pictures from the wedding and I pretty much reblogged every single one!!!!!!

First off let me just say how thrilled I was to hear she was wearing Sarah Burton for McQueen! And what a beautiful dress it was!! So simple and elegant.

Oh the balcony kiss!!!! Too precious!

I swear William looked like a Disney Prince in his uniform!

Harry to the rescue!

Favourite picture of Kate and Will, they look SO happy!!

Oh Harry

Seriously, you have all the money in the world, and you choose those outfits????!!!!! I don't understand them..

Pippa looked absolutely beautiful!!

LOVE this picture!!!

Made me a tear up a little

Love it!

Kate's evening reception dress.

My heart literally dropped when the ring almost didn't fit!

Laugh every time I see this!!

Hope you all had the chance to see it, because it was so worth it!!




Chapter 121

I finally did it! I finally forked over the cash and bought a DSLR!!!!!!!!! Last Wednesday, I went down to Best Buy with my dad and bought the Nikon D3100. And let me say that with only after one day I fell in LOVE with it!!!! Thursday before work I spent the day fooling around with it, by doing a little mini shoot with Meana. We had great fun! The great thing is that none of these photos are actually "posed", she just did whatever while I snapped away!



Chapter 120

Thrifting, feasting on strawberries, raiding Meana's closet, and some girl time, pretty much describes my day yesterday! I found some fabulous things at Value Village, and spent 40$! That is a new record of spending at value Village in one stop!!!!

Blouse 4.99

Spring Coat 17.99 (most expensive item I have EVER bought at VV!!!)

I <3 NY Shirt 4.99

Hair tie 0.99
2 Silk Scarves 1.99 each
Tapestry bag 3.99
From Meana:




We LOVE strawberries!!!

Have a good one!!



Chapter 119

Nothing better than a walk around the Palmyra temple in the spring to clear your head and calm your anxieties. Felt as though I was waking up from a most miserable winter!

Have you ever had a terrible tension between your best friend and you make things worse by not talking for months? See that's basically how I spent my winter. Avoiding awkward looks, stressing over loosing a friend, and not even caring to admit I was wrong. It got to a point where I just didn't care about my pride anymore, I just wanted my best friend back. And finally after months and MONTHS I finally got the guts to talk to her and just sort everything out! It was as though nothing bad had happened between us, and we have finally gone back to normal. Normal, a place I never thought we would get back to!

So anyway, last weekend our ward Relief Society went to Palmyra, and of course it was perfection! Even though I have gone every year of my life, the feelings I get there are always so soothing!

The dawn of hope, is like a breath of spring
And of course since we were so close to the Waterloo outlets, we just HAD to do some shopping!!

Pacsun - Floral Earrings 3.50

Rue 21 - Rose and Butterfly Necklace 7.99

Pacsun - Owl Necklace 11.99

Rue 21 - Locket 7.99

Gap - Zipper Leggings 14.99

OPI Matte Nail Polish

Well that is it for now!

Good night and Good Luck!


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